West Coast Filters Inc. with experience extending from 1976, is dedicated to the water purification industry, obtaining our roots in central Canada where very highly mineralized water sources are found. Originally founded as a private corporation to manufacture and commission pressure filtration systems for use in potable water applications we have expanded our product line to include the Filtersoft light commercial and the Everpure consumer products. Our company continues to work closely with Consultant Engineering firms providing design assistance on new and existing projects striving to provide top quality filter systems to municipal and industrial clients.

West Coast Filters is an innovative company striving to ensure our clients of the finest methods of water purification in an ever-challenging environment.

We are constantly involved with new technology in an exciting and challenging field. Pressure filter systems and membrane applications are the forte of our corporation although we have expanded our dimensions to include other lines to keep pace with consumer demands.

With authorized distributors for our industrial filter systems in Eastern Canada, the USA, South America and Europe we are able to deliver and commission packaged filter systems throughout the world.

Our philosophy is to build functional filter systems offering simplicity of design and operation to our clients, while utilizing the finest in construction techniques and products at competitive prices.

We have one motto as our corporate goal -

" Do it correctly the first time and you will have to build a filter system only once "


Distributing the following quality products:

ADI Arsenic Removal Harmsco

as well as numerous other associated products


Click image below to view blueprints
for some of our project designs:

We are proud suppliers to the following industries:

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