ADI Arsenic Removal

ADI is a leading provider of adsorption technology for removal of heavy metals from drinking water, especially arsenic. Over 40 full-scale arsenic removal systems are in operation since 1999, for commercial and municipal clients.

Arsenic Removal Systems

MEDIA G2 is an iron-based adsorption media, specifically developed to remove arsenic from drinking water. Its performance has been verified under Canada’s Environmental Technology Verification program, as well as under USEPA’s ETV program. MEDIA G2 is certified under NSF Standard 61.

Key features of MEDIA G2 systems include:
1. Its performance is unaffected by common elements such as silica, chloride, sulfate and fluoride.
2. Media can be easily regenerated on site.
3. Removes iron and manganese from 2.0 mg/L.
4. Very low backwash and waste generation - less than 0.3% of treated water. Can be reduced to 0.01% with optional water reclaim system.

Performance warranties offered when we test your water sample in our laboratory or at your location.

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                                                                                          Harmsco Hurricane

Centrifugal Separation to Remove Dense Particles from Liquids - Liquid enters the Hurricane filter's outer chamber tangentially, producing a rotational flow. This flow pattern creates a centrifugal force  which is used to separate dense particles such as sand, rust, grit and metal fines from liquids. Heavy particles drop to the bottom of the filter's outer chamber where they are discharged manually, automatically or continuously. With the dense particles removed, liquid and light solids rise up, over and into an inner  chamber where the rotational flow is continued.

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Filtersoft Canada

We are the master distributors in BC for the complete line of Filtersoft products. Whether you require water purification for your home or for commercial applications we are ready to meet your requirements. We carry a complete line of products such as:

Ion Exchange systems for:
  • Water conditioning equipment
  • Organic color removal units
Direct filtration systems for:
  • Sediment removal
  • Iron removal
Carbon filtration systems for:
  • Chlorine removal
  • VOC (Organic compounds)
Other Quality Water Conditioning Products
  • AquaMatic / Osmonics valves and controls
  • Autotrol water conditioning controls
  • Pulsatron Chemical feed systems
  • Amatek Cartridge filters & housings
  • Flow meters and controls

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